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Imminet is the best place for all your US immigration needs. This website is your go-to source for the latest immigration and Visa programs. Our experienced team of immigration lawyers and licensed consultants work to provide the best, most efficient Visa services available. We provide affordable legal consultations that can help you understand your options so you can make well informed decisions based on an analysis of your situation and credentials. We make your Visa journey easier, much easier!

What We Offer

Interview Preparation

We offer an industry-leading interview preparation package, which aims to provide you with all the information, Strategies, and interview practice you will need.

Translation, Apostille

Document translation and international proof should not slow down your government approval in your immigration process. We get you set.

English Learning

Our English study service is designed to help people on a personal basis. It is a virtual service with native English speakers and teachers from around the world.

Top Visas

US Permanent Residence

The program is considered to be the easiest way to obtain. Each year, the program allows 55,000 randomly selected people to obtain permanent residency.

US E-2 Investor Visa

E-2 status allows eligible foreign nationals from treaty countries to work and live in the United States when investing a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business. Their employees and family members may also obtain E-2 status.

US Job Matching

Find your job in the United States, get access to job openings and sponsor companies, Imminet handles your Work Visa case to perfection, become a legal working resident.

Study Abroad

We match your background, skills, and interests to programs and schools.
We search through 1,500+ educational institutions and 100,000+ programs.

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Start with an easy evaluation assessment to determine eligibility

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Prepare the necessary documents with full guidance

Step 4


Accurate review and timely submission of your Visa application and documents to the authorities

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Common Immigration Questions

The visa application process can seem daunting for newbies as well as seasoned travelers. The immigration counselors and legal experts at Immi-Net have experience in the application process and can help you choose the right path. With easy-to-access forms and 24/7/365 client support – we are here for you.

The procedure differs country-wise. However, the usual stages include
1) Form submission
2) Document Collection
3) Interview
4) Visa attainment.
Our team helps you prepare in all stages. 

There are many routes. If one visa is rejected, we can help you reapply or look for another visa method to enter the country.

No. We are a team of experts that help you choose the right visa process, gather documents, and ace your interview. The acceptance/rejection depends upon the embassy. However, we do help in increasing the chance of an acceptance, courtesy of our years of experience.

No. A visa allows you to travel to the country. The right to admission remains in the hands of the Immigration Officer, who can withhold entry in case of any missing/incorrect information, etc.

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Natives of your birth country are not eligible for the USA Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery

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